What does it cost to become familiar with a franchise license for yourself?

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The costs are very different from a system, if this system is comprised of fixed and revenue-based fees. The size of the allocated territory or the new business play in the calculation of costs play an important role. Whichever which franchise idea you will choose, you have to pay fees.

Start-up costs

Unique Franchise Entry Fee

The entry fee is one normally carried out at every franchise partnership. It is used to cover the costs of the respective performance of the franchisor.

The franchisee pays for the right to use the brand name and, for example, manufacturing techniques, and for the training and consulting services. Amount between 5,000 and 50,000 euros, depending on the type of franchise are realistic.

The Working Capital

These amounts cover costs of opening stocks and the daily expenses. The period until a new company carries himself can be between three months and two years, depending on the size and type of the new company.

Total investment

The total investment is made up of the entrance fee to the franchise system, the cost of the structure of the company (such as real estate purchase or lease, business equipment, IT equipment, any equipment, computer programs, inventory, etc.), regulatory fees and capital working.

Continuous cost

The current franchise or license fees are usually deducted as a percentage of net sales of the franchisee. They absorb costs for the use of the name, training, brand and site protection, advertising, development of the system and consulting services.The current fees are usually between 5 and 15 percent of net sales.

Administrative costs

Some franchisors are in addition to the franchise fee costs for national marketing and advertising campaigns. Some franchise systems have additional administrative costs, for example, for a centrally managed bookkeeping.Costs for equipment, rent, lease costs, insurance, salaries, etc. are of course continuously and must be scheduled in advance. Anyone who wants to start their own needs, about the ongoing costs incurred as well as the start-up costs, would be good to be aware of this.

Every entrepreneurs should know before signing the franchise agreement, what to expect. In addition, always each one should remember that the rates for the repayment of loans are due!

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The three basic types of franchising

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Franchising has become the most popular in almost all economic sectors. Whether gym, fast food restaurant, car rental, construct workshop, tutoring and music school, in every imaginable industry, the successful concept is used as a form of marketing.We distinguish between the three types of franchise sales franchising, franchising services and product franchise, which are distinguished.

Distribution franchising: The franchisee sells some products or the epitome of certain goods in the shop.The store shall include the name of the franchisor; the franchise license is not limited to a single product or group. The franchise includes the total package that characterizes the franchisees operating as features of the shop or organization of corporate governance. Examples are the OBI DIY, The Body Shop, food bowl, Aral or mango.

Sales Franchising is the oldest form of franchising. Sewing machine manufacturer Singer made it possible in the 19th. Century and it comes to traveling salesmen. They sell Singer sewing machines on their own account service franchising and the franchisee provides a service under the name – that is, under the trade name, the trade name or trademark. These service franchising are available now in almost all industries. In industries such as the hotel and catering franchise has established itself for a long time, but also in more recent service areas such as the senior care, hair removal or mobile telephony, also is offered franchise. Prominent examples of this form of economic aid are students, Sunpoint, Hertz, Burger King, Holiday Inn or Kieser Training. The range of services franchising has the largest share in the franchise industry and it continues to grow for years.

Product franchise (industrial franchise) in response to statements such as recipes of the franchisor. The franchisee produces a commodity. He even sold the product obtained under the trade name of the franchisor. Typical representatives of this branch are beverage companies such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi and manufacturer of printer consumables such as Cartridge World.

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Franchising: The key to your business start-up funding

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One of the most important factors in business start-up is the financing of your project. Establishing planning is therefore essential accurately determine the short-and long-term capital needs. This is covered by equity and debt. The more equity, the better, as you can see on franchising-conto-vendita.it, because it reduces the risk of liquidity problems that can occur even with relatively small deviations from the plan data (e.g. by pre-financing like orders, lower sales, etc.). Only those with sufficient equity can react quickly and flexibly to new financing needs (for example, investment in market change). You can apply for up to two years after the opening of a business.


Equity capital and expertise capital can flow into the company through business partners. Moreover, such partners contribute often also additional expertise and active support to the company. Private Capital provides a good credit rating and borrowing.In addition, the proportion of own funds to the banks serves as an important criterion to assess credit ratings in the rating process, the higher the credit rating is, the lower the interest rates charged for loans. Venture capitalists instead of a partner can be a private or publicly funded private equity firm, a so-called medium-sized private equity firm. As a rule, investment companies offer special programs for entrepreneurs with reduced terms to start from 20,000 euros.

Investment companies are working mostly in the form of equity capital on favourable terms, without participating in the management of the company. Besides that, they do not require participation in the increase in shareholder value.

In the for-profit private equity firm’s individual credit terms, participation is possible on appreciation and participation rules more prominent. Venture capital come if the business concept is risky, but there is also above average opportunities, including so-called “venture capital” companies the considered. Usually are used much higher amounts (from € 500,000) and is expect higher yields. Their advantage lies in their high finance expertise and financial strength.

Bonuses y promociones en bet 365

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100% bonus principal

Como casi todos online bookmakers, y bet 365 ofrece un bonus para todos sus clientes nuevos. A diferencia de algunos, las reglas para coger y convertirlo en bet 365 son muy claras, para que sean lo máximo posible convenientes para los clientes. Para recoger el bonus hay que depositar al menos 10 dollars. en su cuento. El bonus se va a trasladar automáticamente despues de introducir el codigo, recibido al correo electrónico. La cantidad máxima que permite recibir el bonus es 100 dollars. Para tener derecho a sacar el bonus, hay que apostar dinero que es tres veces mas que el depósito y el bonus. Por ejemplo, si deposita 50 dollars. y recibe un bonus 50 dollars., Ud. Tiene que apostar 300 dollars, para poder sacar sus recursos. Tenga en cuenta que los apuestos con coeficiente menos de 1.50 no se consideran con la suma de giro, lo mismo es con los apuestos de handicap asiático.

Usted puede encontrar un bet365 código del bonus aquí.

Recomienda un amigo

Es un bonus, con que recibe 25 dollars. cada vez que un amigo suyo o cualquiera que se haya registrado después de su invitacion. Además de todo, el invitado también recibe un bonus de 25 dollars. Lo  único que debe hacer Ud. es llenar un impreso especial con los datos de su amigo y el sistema va a enviar automáticamente un mensaje a su correo electrónico. Si el se registra después de abrir el enlace del mensaje, los dos recibirán 25 dollars.

100% bonus para partidos europeos

Esa oferta es para apuestos plurales sobre partidos de los campeonatos europeos más grandes, especialmente Premiership, Serie A, Primera Division, Primera Bundesliga y Champions League. La dimensión de ese bonus depende del número de las selecciones elegidas en el apuesto plural. Para 3 partidos el bonus es 5%, . Para 14 partidos recibe el bonus máximo de 100%. No hay requerimiento para volver ese bonus, sólamente apuesta, gana y lo recibe.

Empate – apuesta anulada

Los partidos sin gol no son las cosas mas desagradables, cuando se trata de apeustas en bet365. Todas apuestas, hechos para resultado puntual, primera mitad/resultado final o scorecast (resultado puntual + primer goledor) a cualquer partido, si termine sin gol, su aupesta se le devuelve.

Apuesta asegurada para primer goleador

Si apueste por primer goleador en cualquer partido, pero el jugador que ha elegido no marca el primer gol, pero al menos marca uno de los siguientes, ud. recibirá un beneficio. Es 1/3 del coeficiente al que ud. haya apostado por primer goleador.

50% Parlay Bonus

Ese bonus es para apuestas plurales, hechos sobre partidos de los campeonatos de Los Estados Unidos y Canada en los siguientes deportes: baloncesto, hochkey, baseball y futbol americano. Los Campeonatos para los que es válida la promoción son: NFL, NCAAF, CFL. NBA, NCAAB, MLB y NJL. Los bonuses empiezan de 5% de apuesta plural con dos selecciones elegidas y llegan a 50% de 12 selecciones o más. Debe marcarse que la promoción no es de todos tipos de apuestas, solo para handicap, handicap para las diferentes mitades, en general en el partido, en general de la primera y la segunda mitad y para ganador en el partido.

50% euro baloncesto

Oferta para los fans del baloncesto. Se le ofrece un bonus de 50% para apuestas sobre los campeonatos mas grandes –Liga 1, La Bundesliga de Alemania, Liga ACB de Espana, La Euroliga y la Eurocopa. Se trata solo de los campeonatos masculinos. Los bonuses empiezan de 5% de apuesta plural con dos selecciones elegidas y llegan a 50% con 12 o mas selecciones.

Nueva oportunidad en las continuaciones

Bonus de partidos de Rugby League y Rugby Union. Si entre alguna de esos rugby encuentros se llega a continuaciones, y ud. ha tenido una apuesta que no había ganado antes, entonces las continuaciones les dan una oportunidad mas para ganar. Si despues del fin de las continuaciones el resultado sea como si estuviera el mismo como en el tiempo regular, si  la apuesta fuera ganancio, se cuenta ganador.

Carreras de caballos – apuesta gratuita

Si adivina el ganador con coeficiente mas de 5.00 en las “Carreras principales” en bet 365, recibe el derecho de una apuesta gratuita para la siguiente “semejante carrera principal”. Esa oferta se ofrece para dos carreras todos los días.